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World Day against Trafficking – UN international campaign

IOM UN Migration assisted several women in their reintegration projects in Mauritania. They have received psychosocial assistance, sometimes medical, and have been supported to develop an income-generating activity. After experiencing difficult events, they are now independent and can support themselves and their families. With dignity, they have regained their place in society.
The original purpose of this project was to promote these women during a photo session where, without showing their faces in order to preserve their anonymity, they could express themselves and to be promoted within their income-generating activities. These testimonies then supported the project’s activity report to the donor who supported their reintegration as well as advocacy for a new funding request. An international campaign was then launched to place through this project for the UN World Day Against Trafficking in Persons #EndHumanTrafficking IOM promoted the history of these women through communication and C4D educational tools to raise awareness about trafficking in persons and the protection of migrants.

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10 Life Stories & 5 Videos
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  1 IPSNEWS Articles
  20 photos UN image bank

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